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Our House Our Haven run a number of social groups and activities throughout the year aimed at fostering social connection and greater wellbeing. These groups are largely informal classes and workshops and are open to anyone in the community. They are often free to attend, and equipment is provided.

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Gentle Yoga Relaxation sessions

We currently conduct a fortnightly very gentle relaxation/stretch Yoga class with all willing participants. The session can be accessed from a chair or from a mat. In the recent weeks, we have adapted this class to be a Live session from our Facebook page, so despite the current Coronavirus circumstances, people can still benefit from the relaxing effects of the mindful breathing that takes place.

Participants range from patients suffering very severe Mental health illnesses with low mobility capability, to those who are suffering mild cases of anxiety and depression, as well as staff that don’t want to miss these sessions.

Clients report that this is very effective to help them cope with what they are going through and brings a sense of peace.

Carlos Pineres conducts these sessions. He is a very experienced Yoga teacher with students ranging from Seniors to teenagers. He teaches mainly Hatha Yoga and his classes are highly centred on a mindful, very gentle body stretching and strengthening. In his most recent training, he studied Yoga Therapy applied to Trauma, grief and loss. He is very caring and puts everyone at ease.

Yoga Therapy for Trauma

After the success of our gentle Yoga relaxation classes, and given that a big part of our demographic includes clients who suffer from severe Trauma, we decided to offer this therapy option in a better and improved format.

As world renowned psychiatrist, Bessel Van der Kolk (1), confirms after many conducted studies, Yoga practice is a fabulous method to support people cultivating sensory awareness, which is a “critical aspect of trauma recovery” (1). As people become more comfortable and feel safe in their own bodies, the brain starts to self-regulate and healing can take place. Talk therapy becomes effective and improvement can be noticed.

At Our House Our Haven, we are implementing a special Yoga class for Trauma therapy, which involves a series of weekly sessions with particular goals, in order to improve the client’s emotional and physical regulation, as part of a holistic approach to their recovery.

Each group will participate in a set of 10 classes that will run on a weekly basis. Each week will have a specific focus area as follows:

Week 1: Introduction and observing the outside world
Week 2: Exploring the senses: Sound
Week 3: Exploring the senses: Touch, Taste and Smell
Week 4: Exploring our breath
Week 5: Exploring our body
Week 6: Seated asanas part 1
Week 7: Seated asanas part 2
Week 8: My body supports me: Standing asanas part 1
Week 9: My body is safe: Standing asanas part 2
Week 10: Putting it all together

At the end of the 10 weeks, it is expected that the participants will achieve better body awareness and emotional regulation, which will support them not only in their daily lives, but will make other therapy techniques they are participating in, more effective.

(1) Van der Kolk, B. 2015, The Body Keeps the Score, Penguin Books.

Drumming Circles

Our Drumming Circle is one of our popular regular activities.

Running weekly, all willing participants will have a djembe to play.

Drumming induces relaxation, as it helps people release tension and emotional burdens. It also brings you to the present moment.

At our circles, there is no specific agenda. One person proposes a beat and the rest of the group follows until the whole group achieves a harmonic sound. Speed varies, and it seems to naturally ebb and flow. No one is more or better than the person sitting next to them, creating a sense of comradery and community.

Drumming is known to stimulate the brain as it synchronises the right and left hemisphere, as well as creates new neural connections. In addition to this, it is fun and therefore boosts the immune system.


Starting soon, check our Facebook page for updates

Resin Craft

Explore resin art making in this fun beginner-friendly workshop where you get to take home what you create! You’ll be guided on how to design and cast a small resin piece (pendant, keychain or similar). Resin will be provided along with an abundance of pigment colours for you to choose from. No craft experience required, just an enthusiasm for trying something new and a willingness to unlock your inner artist!

When: TBA
Bring along anything you’d like to cast in resin for your project

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