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Our animals include:

Harli – Paw Support Worker

Harli joined our family in December 2022. As a Great Dane, she has a beautiful gentle nature and she loves cuddles on the couch. She is young and still learning boundaries, especially when it comes to food! Harli likes to taste test our food when we’re not paying attention, so we’re learning to be vigilant. She also likes to explore and get up to mischief, so we need to keep the doors and gates closed so she doesn’t go on an impromptu walk.

Artemis – Paw Support Worker

Artemis and her brother Apollo joined our family in October 2020. Artemis is shy and mostly keeps to herself. She is a long-haired ragdoll like her brother, and has some stunning colouring, to be admired from a comfortable distance. She has excellent boundaries and will ensure that they are respected.

Apollo – Paw Support Worker

Apollo is a beautiful ragdoll like his sister, with a very different personality. He is very affectionate and loves getting attention from anyone. He loves to play and enjoys a good belly rub. He has poor table manners and will try to steal your food if given the chance.  


Mara is one of our ponies. She is a little bit more lively than her brother and will let you know if she needs some space. Mara loves food and can get a bit cheeky if she thinks you have something for her. She enjoys a good scratch around the ears, too.
Mara can be put on a halter and walked around the yard but she can be a bit stubborn sometimes. 


Marshmallow is our other pony. He is good around kids, as he has a very gentle nature and loves cuddles. He enjoys being brushed and getting some good scratches around his ears and jaw. He is well fed but will never say no to a carrot or an apple! 
Marshmallow can be put on a halter and walked around the yard and he is fairly easy to work with.

Potato (left) and Pumpkin (right) 

Our two lovely guinea pigs joined our family in March 2023. They are sisters and are always close by each other. They are both shy and can be tricky to catch, but once they are being held, they are happy to have some cuddles. Potato and Pumpkin don’t get along well with any of the other animals here, because they are just a bit small, so we make sure to keep them apart.
Favourite foods include cucumber, capsicum and fresh green grass!

The Chooks

Our 6 hens have been with us for a while, and they spend most of their time in the chicken coop, where they are safe from harm, well fed, happy and laying eggs for us. Like all our other animals, these girls love food!
They love to roam when it’s a dog free yard, where they can explore and dig in the dirt safely.
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